Roy Fellows

Where I live ...............



Greengables. Stafford Road. Great Wyrley. Walsall, WS6 6AX

I am quite proud of my home, and welcome visits from my mining friends. I live very close to M6 Junction 11 and M54 Junction 1.This page is here to help you to find me, and to illustrate my other hobby which is keeping exotic fish, mainly koi carp and piranha. I have 2 koi pools or ponds, one is outside, the other indoors in a pool house/garage. The large one is like a swimming pool but now 8 feet deep in the middle to encourage growth in the fish. I have another smaller pond in the rear of the building, this is of 1500 gallons and was heated with a gas boiler, but now shut down.

It housed a shoal of piraya piranha arguably the most dangerous predatory fish in the world. They can grow to 2 feet in length and there are rumours of then attacking cayman crocodiles.

Unfortunately a few years ago they became wiped out by disease and now the pool lies empty.


  Left is a location map so that you can find me. Below is a photo of my home.

There is a decent car park at the rear accessed by the red surfaced drive shown in the picture.


Koi Carp

Koi carp are beautiful creatures, described as "natures living jewels" They have been known to live to an age of 40 years, but in Japan rumours of fish 100 years old persist. My outside pond was designed and built by myself with a nice bridge and waterfall at the back.

My largest, really a converted pool is indoors in the pool house, and shown below. See my best koi "Goldeneye" coming up for food, what a whopper! He eats as much as a dog