Construction: Welshpool Road Section





Last Updated: 01/10/2018

As Was

Below, approaching the town from the east. The property left of centre will go, with an embankment leading to an overbridge crossing the Cambrian Railway line. On the right will be a traffic island, the existing road in the picture will disappear.

Below: The road to be no more looking east towards Welshpool. Barn will go.


So, here we go tracking the progress of the works.

Heading west, Welshpool Road..

October 2016

On the right will be a traffic island, dwelling top left will disappear, with an embankment spiralling down to the island. The existing road as seen here will go, being replaced by a new road into the town. This will be first left off the island, crossing existing road as seen here and passing under a bridge carrying the new bypass road over on the left.

March 2017

April 2017

Looking towards the town coming from Welshpool, May 20th 2017. Island rising in height and road bed being laid.

Early June 2017

Below: Welshpool Rd island is starting to take shape, July 2017

Mid September 2017. Kerbstones being laid on the new Welshpool Rd Island..

Below, view looking west 15th Oct 2017. Note position of house and blue sign. Old road on the left now closed.

Note supports for Railway bridge and imagine the height of the embankment to be.

Below, Welshpool Rd Island (Looking east) open to traffic. A temporary road is in use, note kerbstones trending to the south, mid frame. This will be the final direction, up hill and over the railway bridge.

Below: Facing east, as was and Feb 2017


Below end of March 2017

Below: Route over Cambrian Railway being cleared.

Feb 2017

March 2017

April 2017

Below: August 2017 and supports for railway overbridge starting. Compare with above, the bed of the new road is hidden by the earth mound. This is the main focus of the project at the moment according to the last Griffiths Project Bulletin.

Below: Scaffold erected for Railway bridge supports, mid September 2017.

October 2017. From temporary road, original in foreground.

Below, Railway bridge works at 15-10-2017

Below is a view across the new Welshpool Rd Island towards the Railway bridge to be.

Below: End of October and a massive excavation in progress, foundations for Welshpool Road overbridge suports.

Below, building up now, Nov 2017.

Below: End of December 2017, bottom left was the house "Gelli".

Below, February 4th 2018 and the supports for the Pool Rd underbridge are now well underway. I wonder how high the embankment will be, mmm.

and photographed on the same day as above, the spans for Railway Bridge are on site.

and a fortnight later, they are in

Mid March 2018, supports for the new Pool Rd underbridge well under way.

Beginning of April and visibly progressing

Below May 2018 and the spans are in.

Early June, 2018 and a bit more done.

Below, early July 2018. Railway bridge coming on, you can see where the road will be carried over.


Eastern view, early July 2018

August 2018, nearing completion

Below, the Pool Rd embankment building up, bridges almost complete. First October 2018

and below, possibly the last sight of the old road.

or below, welcome to the twilight zone