Construction: Dolfor Roads Section





Last Updated: 13/01/2019

The A483 Dolfor Road is the road to Llandrindod Wells, above this is the middle road, and then at the top Upper Dolfor Road.

This is an area of major works. I am grateful to a local resident for drawing my attention to the major works on upper Dolfor.

Below, looking down hill from roughly opposite Black Hall.

September 2016

and further down the road, Dolfor Road Roundabout yet-to-be.

Below: Looking down from the A483 from a point just down hill of Griffiths compound

Sept 2016

and April 2017

The hill is disappearing and the dingle beyond the gate has been infilled to new road level

Moving the mountain, may 2017. Plant at work opposite Black Hall, the Dolfor Island to be.

Below: Early July 2018, and now you can see the Upper Dolfor Overbridge. Still material left to remove, probably going to the Pool Rd embankment.

The new island will be just this side of where you can see the scraper shovel.

and by August, its all cleared.

and by the end of October 2018 all cleared and they are starting to put in the new island. The Dolfor Rd is still there cutting the new bypass in two and is beyond the tapes at the rear of the yellow dumper but cannot be seen.

December 2018 and nearly done

Middle and Upper Dolfor Bridgeworks

March 2017

Below is a view west from the road to be immediately above Upper Dolfor Road, camera position is shown in insert by red arrow indicating direction, relate to the contractors plan. Immediately across the road beyond second barrier is a drop to Middle Dolfor Road, the Dolfor Road A 483 is beyond the hill. The top photograph of the Dolfor Road is taken at a point beyond the green trees, top left in this shot, the chimney pots are Black Hall.

When finished this will be quite impressive, but all a driver using the road will see is the road in front.

Please note position of the yellow crane before going to the next photo

and there is the yellow crane.

The scale of the operation can be appreciated from the still of the simulated drive through. The concrete pillar being constructed in the top picture on the centre left is the one seen on the left below. Upper Dolfor Road will pass over the new road, which will then pass over Middle Dolfor.

April 2017 and the spans are in at Upper Dolfor

Picture below of the work in hand, courtesy of a local resident. The spans were delivered in four sections on low loaders and came from Darlington. "We were very impressed by the drivers as they haven't cut up any of the ditches" says a local resident.

Below: Upper Dolfor August 2017, almost ready for surfacing and opening to traffic.

October 2017, the bridge is open to traffic.


and this is the view from Middle Dolfor below

and a support being built, Middle Dolfor  April 2017

a fortnight later the centre support starts taking shape.

and on the other side bridge support taking shape. April 2017. Beyond this extends to the A483 and Black Hall.

Cranes at work, Early June 2017

Upper Dolfor Road. I was told by the driver that this can handle up to 200 tons, close in.

Middle Dolfor

Below: State of works in July 2017

Below: These pictures below show the scale of the work on what in effect will be a fly-over for the very wide Middle Dolfor Road. Late August 2017.

Below, Middle Dolfor and the monolithic flyover support.

Below. The spans are ready parked up at the Dolfor Road lower island to be.


October 2017. With the Upper Dolfor bridge open there is now opportunity to photograph the progress of the Middle Dolfor Flyover and the road looking towards Black Hall.

Below, crane at work 15-10-2017

Below, Nov 2017

Below, December 2017 and heavy crane ready to lift the spans

and the view from the main road.

End of 2017, three pictures below showing the state of works. Looking impressive.

Below: January 2018 and steelwork being laid in preparation for the pouring of concrete.

Below: Jan 18, steel being laid. The level of the new road corresponds with the fence beyond, there will be a cutting straight through the hillside to the new Dolfor Road Island beyond.

Below: Looking east from upper Dolfor Rd bridge, the new road is ready to take its roadbed.

Below: April 2018. Middle Dolfor flyover almost completed and material being removed from the apposite hill

and here is the same view in August 2018

and on the other side, the disappearing mountain

Giant insects at work, May 2018

and from the other side. The bypass will come through immediately below camera position.

Part of the ongoing works is the construction of a new lower Dolfor Road island which incorporates a lot of landscaping work. Below is the state of play in May 2018, Middle Dolfor Road flyover top left.

and the bypass Dolfor Rd island to be, looking west. Note the embankment being built.

Below, the main Dolfor Island (Bypass) seen from Upper Dolfor Bridge by telephoto, October first 2018.



Speed limit on low flying aircraft, and my new car on the left after the blue RS became airborne at Goginan thanks to someone not looking where they were going.

 New road layout beyond.

Sept 2018. I have been sent some pictures taken by a local resident that are rather good, I have given them their own page.

Construction: Local residents photos

Below, Oct 2018 and the new road starts to take shape.

 Below: New Dolfor (Bypass) Island taking shape, November end, 2018. Hard to image that here there was once quite a hill. In the distance, Upper Dolfor Overbridge, far left the road down into the town and the industrial estate, hard left is the bypass.

 and the point where the new bypass will cross over the old road

  and a last look at the old and new roads. The bypass will leave the island at a point to the left between the two trees

Below, January 2019 looking down at the new Dolfor Rd island. Old road is on the left and will be taken up and landscaped. New road on the right, at this time at one lane.